About Us



Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 with a total investment of 27.5 million US dollars. It is located adjacent to the picturesque "Huang Mao Jian,"the highest peak of Yangtze River Delta, nestled in the industrial park of Longquan City, the famous city of celadon and swords. Covering an area of 65 acres, the company boasts a spacious 40,000 square meters factory and skilled workforce of 350.

Chuangxin possesses state-of-the-art intermational automotive air conditioning component production lines, specializing in the intelligent manufacturing of parallel flow condensers, serpentine condernsers, laminated evaporators, and double parallel flow evaporators. With an annual production exceeding 1.5 million sets, covering over 5,000 different models, our productsare primarily exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), reaching over 60 countries and regions. To enhance customer service, the company have established distribution centers in various locations, including Los Angeles, USA; São Paulo, Brazil; Dubai, UAE; and several ASEAN countries.

Chuangxin actively introduces advanced equipment and technologies, including laser cutting machines, ultra-high-speed fin forming machines, robot assembly lines, intelligent core body assembly machines, laser welding machines, digital spraying equipment, and vacuum helium inspection equipment, etc., to build leading automotive air conditioning automated production line These measures are designed to ensure high product quality, high production efficiency, and compliance with Industry 4.0 standards and requirements of developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Chuangxin places a strong emphasis on quality system deve1opment. We strictly adhere to theTS16949 standard in daily management. We use data to measure the improvement of "first-time product inspection pass rate and customer satisfaction"and the reduction of "market claim rate and in-process defect rate,"which serves as our scientific quality control objectives.

Chuangxin is dedicated to new product research and development. With strong research capabilities, it introduces over 300 new product varieties to the market each year. It holds 27 important utility model patents and 10 important invention patents, continuously contributing to society with its innovations.

The spirit of craftsmanship at Chuangxin has earned it a leading position in the industry and the distinction of serving as the chairman unit of the local industry association for many years. It has received various honors and awards, such as "Top Ten Industrial Enterprises,""Top Ten Technological Transformation Industrial Enterprises,""Top Ten Industrial Enterprises,""Major Taxpayer in the City."and "Leading Enterprise of Longquan City."These accolades recognize its outstanding contributions to the development of national industry.

Chuangxin adheres to a people-oriented philosophy and embraces a proactive approach. We have gathered a group of high-leve1 engineers and economists who lead a versatile technical team characterized by dedication, commitment, and a strong work ethic. We maintain long-term collaborations with research institutions such as the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology Committee. Liaoning Machinery Research Institute, and Zhejiang University. We closely monitor market demands, achieving an integration of research, production, and trade. Our dedication is focused on advancing continually in the currents of the new era.